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Kids for Life - Hadrian’s Wall

What have the Romans ever done for us? Well, little did they know back in AD122, but their world famous wall provided the inspiration for one of our caring sponsors to raise some funding for Kids for Life! Walking the width of England, some 86 miles, in only four days was the mammoth feat performed by Dave Smith from Manchester earlier this year to raise some much needed funding.  


Dave set out from Newcastle and in addition to blisters, also had to deal with the great British weather, an ominous looking bull and a few dozen midge bites. 


It was definitely all worth it though as Dave reached Bowness-on-Solway tired but relieved and in need of a well earned pint! 


Dave’s efforts are the perfect example of someone raising funds through sponsorship from their friends, work colleagues and indeed anyone who knows them. If you would like to help then please click here for some fundraising advice. 

Kids for Life
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