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At Kids for Life we believe that the many happy occasions we go through in life provide a remarkable opportunity to offer a donation to celebrate them. Making donations in recognition of a joyous event is fast becoming the most popular way to give generously, and as you acknowledge a great day in the life of others, you will be helping to ensure that children in the UK suffering from cancer have a greater chance of enjoying these happy occasions themselves.


We can all relate to the many hours spent trawling the shops wondering what on Earth tog et someone for their wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation or any other celebration. A person can only fit so many toasters in their new kitchen so why not let them know that you have, through their celebration, given the gift of a donation to Kids for Life?!


How to make a celebratory donation

Just contact us with details of the special day and we will send you all you need to help us to help children. We can provide donation forms which can be displayed on tables at weddings, or even to send out as part of an invitation. Also you can download gift cards on this page by simply clicking below. Afterwards we will contact you to let you know how much your special day raised for Kids for Life.


Click on thumbnails below to print...


Kids for Life Gifts in Celebration
Birthday Gift Dontaion Card for a girl
Birthday Gift Dontaion Card for a boy
Wedding Gift Dontation Card
In Memory Donation Form
Kids for Life
Kids for Life
Kids for Life
Kids for Life

Gifts in Celebration

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