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Kids for Life invites applications for funding from many areas related to the support of children with cancer. These can often include:


Funding Research 

Only with ongoing research into serious childhood diseases can there ever be a cure. It is part of Kids for Life’s goal to provide funding to the essential areas of research into diseases such as childhood cancer.





































Families Of Children

Kids for Life will use donations and funding to assist the families of those children affected. This can involve the funding of counselling and offering practical advice and help for the whole family.
















For sick children and their families, the comfort and respite that can be provided by a hospice is something we want to be available for every person and child that needs it. Kids for Life will strive to use your donations to benefit hospices throughout the British Isles.












































For the incredible work that they do for not only the children they treat, but also their families we urge all of you to do what you can to make or generate donations for Kids for Life so that we can ensure the hospitals we so desperately rely on have the staff and equipment they need.














































Days Out 

The stresses involved in dealing with a sick child can bring problems to the strongest of families and at a time when they need to be there for one another. To help them, Kids for Life will use your money to help provide days out for the families and children we help. 





































For a Grant Application Form please email or call us.


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