About Solving Kids’ Cancer Solving Kids’


Cancer supports families affected by high-risk childhood cancers in the areas of neuroblastoma, brain tumours and sarcomas. We fund the next generation of innovative research in these challenging areas. We also offer a range of family support services to help inform and support families faced with childhood cancer.


Research Our research strategy tries to balance the immediate needs of families currently coping with childhood cancer and the constantly evolving world of laboratory, pre-clinical and clinical research. By funding international clinical trial projects we aim to help deliver timely and consistent results. These trials will ultimately bring better treatments into the clinic and improve the survival rates of children with the highest risk cancers.


Family Support Services

We provide support services to families affected by high risk childhood cancers, which take into consideration all of the aspects and pressures that are involved with the disease.


The Family Support Services team has been one of the most quickly developing parts of the charity’s work over the last 12 months and provides a range of social events, educational resources and meetings of the Parent Network; a group which steers the charity’s activities.


Access to Treatment We are working closely with the experts responsible for clinical trials and innovative treatments both in the UK and overseas. We want the very best, cutting edge treatments to be accessible to UK families for free.



The charity grew out of a previous foundation called the 2Simple Trust, set up in April 2006 to fund specialist neuroblastoma treatment in the USA for a boy named Jack Brown. More families contacted the charity, and it grew to support over 20 children with their treatment costs. We changed our name to The Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance UK in September 2011. The charity has been most widely known by the initials NCCA UK since 2013.


Eight years on from its founding, the NCCA UK had expanded from primarily raising funds to send children overseas for treatment to focusing on research funding, family support and access to treatments in the UK. Although the charity still works with UK oncologists to arrange and fund treatment abroad it now receives fewer requests for this and is committed to improving the situation for families affected by neuroblastoma with new treatment options here in Britain and Ireland.


In 2015, the NCCA UK began the process of merging with the New-York based charity Solving Kids’ Cancer. After years of interaction, sharing resources and working together on research projects it was determined that a more formal relationship would benefit families affected by high risk cancers in the UK. A significant rise in the feasibility and willingness of childhood cancer researchers to work internationally makes this expansion of both charities an exciting opportunity to fund cutting edge research,


This move will not mean any decrease in services for families affected by neuroblastoma, rather a gradual increase in support for families affected by the high risk forms of sarcomas and brain tumours.