Earlier this year, Kids for Life received a grant request from Mr. Rumsey to assist his son, Thomas. Thomas is living with Lymphoblastic Leukemia after being diagnosed back in 2014. He is currently receiving treatment at Alder Hey Hospital. His parents are keen for Thomas to be able to focus on his future, and to embark on his passion for photography to allow him to follow his dream career. They told us: 


"Thomas has always had a natural ability with creativity and has an interest in photography and video blogging. He is trying to purchase a camera to be able to pursue this in life as he is currently using his mobile phone. Thomas would use the camera daily and create photographs and blogs that would be used publicly and share his experiences worldwide."


Being able to concentrate on a successful future plays an integral part in Thomas's recovery, and Kids for Life were very proud to be able to use the funding they have received through the generosity of the public to lend a hand. 


Mr. Rumsey told us:  "Kids for Life have made a dream come true helping him purchase a digital camera to be able to video and photograph his passion. We are truly grateful and Tom is using it daily hoping to pursue a career in this field. We cannot thank you and the team enough."

Grant for Thomas